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Just a small sample of the kind of comments, Mayfair & Lewis receive regularly.

"You do realise that your simple book recommendations and guidance have literally changed my life right? It's hard to understate this. Wether I lose it all, or become the big dawg, my perspective and mindset are completely different. I cannot thank you enough. Honestly man, Thank you so much."
"Exactly, I could not believe how confident Mayfair said it, 5 min stream and I gain more information than from any other sources altogether, youtubers must make the video at least 10.01minute long so they earn money from it which makes the content rubbish and not straight to point as mayfairs... he said one sentence which is 1000x more legit than all tweets."
"And yeah, talking about gold, "surprisingly" Lewis was right again xd"
I am 100% starting believe it is you that manipulates BTC sir!!
"AWESOME!!! To say the least, its truly been a privilege to learn from the Mayfair Group. The tools they have created are next level, and the knowledge they share is a powerful resource to the trading community. I'm am very grateful to be lifetime-member! Pray Mayfair"
"indicators are great, but then Mayfair comes in here and says "you see the wick on that candle? Do you see how this whale named Roger was arguing with his wife while he was placing this order on his 2018 ipad pro? It was raining that day""
"I have been doing what I do for a long time so have strong views on everything, but I'm a complete novice at trading. When I first got on TradingView it was just a bunch of junk, nothing made sense to me, then I discovered @Mayfair. My one and only comment on TV to this day remains a thank you note on one of their March posts. I look up to Lewis and Paul for solid understanding of market, good reading of sentiment, clear and diligent TA (still looks a bit magical), and most importantly a wise attitude towards trading. The subscription channels are good fun, and even if you don't interact, you learn a lot by other people interacting. And no, they are not giving away everything in the visitor chat!"
"I have a Children's Fable - BTC was on Holiday riding high in a plane, taking in some fantastic views but nearing apogee whilst approaching the destination, all the passengers were gawking out the windows, then some turbulence came along and customers became unsettled, the pilot gained some altitude back up in the clouds to satisfy them but knew landing time was coming soon, after playtime was over it was time to come down into the turbulence again, then some guy in first class says let's just get this over with and sends out a tweet to the pilot, so the plane dives down through the turbulence full throttle and the passengers start freaking out, meanwhile Paul & Lewis are also there in first class relaxed as can be while playing checkers and having a spot of tea, eventually things settle and the plane lands, sore passengers from coach are still complaining while Paul & Lewis are excited to see there's now a half price sale on tickets for the next holiday flight and we all eventually realize the guy with the tweet wasn't just being a jerk."
"However, for me i got to say that although I do not consider myself dumb I was pretty much a retail muppet until recently and i still remember when BTC started the drop and distribution phase I did my own analysis based on resistance and support lines, blabla, and started to place a bunch of buy orders in the 42-44k area...who would have guessed right? So then i came across Mayfair, really like the analysis and having signed in, realized how silly it was to have those orders there, so switched them down to 30k and made decent money out of that instead of a potential significant loss, so in a way, my lifetime membership has already fully paid off "

Launched 11th May 2023

Available around the world

This the most comprehensive, up-to-date primer for novice traders - covering everything from commodities to crypto.

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